The Wildlife Veterinary Programme is a long-term project within the Tanzania Wildlife Research

Institute (TAWIRI) and has been fully funded by the Messerli Foundation of Switzerland since 1992.

The latter consists of the president and founder, Mrs Herta Messerli, her Vice President Dr Heinz Schweizer and other esteemed members of a board.

The programme in Tanzania employs five people, one project manager and four Tanzanians - a research veterinarian, a laboratory technician and two project assistants. All equipment (except that which may be privately owned by staff) acquired by the programme becomes assets of TAWIRI, who supply logistical and administrative support.

Above left: (left to right from top)

Dr Richard Hoare  - Programme Manager,

Dr Robert Fyumagwa, formerly research veterinarian

in the programme and currently Director of Serengeti

Research Centre (TAWIRI)  Mr Jimmy Koromba -

Project Assistant, Mr Kitoi Sarakikya - Field

Assistant, Mr Maulidi Mdaki - Laboratory technician.

Above right: Dr Bugwesa Zablon -  a  previous

research veterinarian, with Dr Hoare.


Below left: (left to right) Dr Richard Hoare, Dr Ueli

Faessler and Professor Hans Lutz of the Messerli

Foudation board, and Dr Heinz Schweizer,

Vice Chairman of the Messerli Foundation Board

- on a trip to Tanzania, seen here in the field,

attending a lion darting.

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